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Impact Reports

Foundation Support for Sycamores’ Innovative Programs

Sycamores has received substantial multi-year grants from both The Rose Hills Foundation and L.L. Foundation for Youth.

The $100,000 two-year grant from L.L. Foundation for Youth will provide funding for our new drop-in center at Pasadena Community College (PCC) to help students meet their essential needs and keep them enrolled in college and on track to achieve their goals. The Rose Hills grant will provide $400,000 over two years to fund programs at our Palmdale Family Resource Center, including enrichment activities for youth, and parent resources and support groups. We are grateful for the generous support of these important and innovative programs.

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Due to the high cost of living in Southern California, many college students find themselves homeless or at risk of homelessness while trying to pursue a higher education. In fact, a recent UCLA study estimates that 20% of community college students in California are homeless. The L.L. Foundation for Youth grant, in support of our new drop-in center at PCC, will assist homeless and at-risk students with basic life necessities, enabling them to stay in school and achieve their academic and life goals. This pilot program is designed to support students by quickly identifying their needs and then coming up with creative solutions, including linking them to community resources and expanding their support network. In addition to helping students secure housing, the center will also provide referrals for physical and mental health services, and assist with basic necessities, such as food, clothing, and hygiene items. While the goal is to refer students to existing programs and services whenever possible, the grant will also allow the center to provide direct funding and support to students when necessary.

While Sycamores has been providing critical behavioral health services in the Antelope Valley since 2006, our Family Resource Center at the new Palmdale site is adding new supportive services and enrichment programs for the community. The Rose Hills Foundation grant will be used to fund these services, including our Learning Lab tutoring program; youth enrichment programs such as art, music, and dance; parenting support groups; substance abuse counseling; nutrition classes; vocational training; Mommy/Daddy & Me activities; mentoring; summer activities and more. All programs and services at the Family Resource Center share Sycamores’ common goal of providing children, adults, and families with tools and experiences necessary to help them create a better life.

We are so appreciative of our philanthropic partnership with both The Rose Hills Foundation and L.L. Foundation for Youth. These grants allow Sycamores to provide outside-the-box care and support to the students we serve at Pasadena Community College and the children and families we serve in the Antelope Valley. Together we are making a positive difference in the lives of individuals, in families and in communities.