If this is a mental health-related emergency, please call 988, the Suicide & Crisis Lifeline. For other emergencies, call 911 or go to the nearest hospital.


Educational Support & Services


Sycamores Helps Unlock Educational Potential With Comprehensive Services

All students should have the opportunity to learn regardless of the external or internal factors they face. Focusing on schoolwork becomes harder when students struggle with their mental health. By addressing mental health concerns through education, individuals can unlock their full potential and live a better life.

Sycamores helps individuals and families get support to help children who may be experiencing a hard time in and outside the classroom. When students receive support, they can devote their full attention and effort to learning. Our services can lead to improved overall well-being and increased success in academics.

Breaking Down Educational Barriers

Sycamores School-Based Mental Health programs have served Los Angeles County since 1997, partnering with public school districts to provide impactful mental health services to students, especially those facing barriers to accessing services in traditional settings. By working collaboratively within the school community, on campus, Sycamores clinicians can assist students experiencing a crisis, difficulties with adjustment or attention, or change or loss in their lives. Clinicians also support students in developing social, anger management, conflict resolution, and coping skills.

Our work, in concert with the teachers and administration, allows students to develop their unique strengths and abilities and assists them in remediating emotional difficulties that may interfere with academic success. Our clinicians can also provide referrals to other agencies, in-home family support, and access to medication when necessary. Today, Sycamores provides mental health services in over 30 public schools in the San Fernando Valley, Los Angeles, Alhambra, Pasadena, and Hacienda-La Puente areas.

Different Ways We Support Students
Birth to 5 Services

In 2016, Sycamores began providing early intervention services, known as Birth to 5 Services, across 30 Head Start Centers in collaboration with Plaza de la Raza. The strength of this partnership has resulted in increased access to mental health services and behavioral support, as well as connections to community resources and academic success for preschool-aged children before they enter kindergarten.

Sycamores Opportunities Classroom

Meant for students who have been identified as having emotional difficulties, Opportunities Classrooms help students overcome their barriers to learning and support them in their transition to a less restrictive educational setting. These self-contained special education classrooms are located on the general education campuses of our partner school districts.

Classroom Support

Sycamores also has interdisciplinary teams of staff members, along with clinical and behavioral experts, who work together with instructional teachers and staff in schools and classrooms to provide children and youth with in-person coaching and support. With Sycamores’ guidance and resources, students also receive individual, group, and parent counseling, case management, and crisis intervention services provided on and off school campuses.

Palmdale Family Resource Center Tutoring and Learning Lab

Sycamores provides free group and individual tutoring year-round to low-income students at risk of dropping out of school or failing one or more subjects. Additionally, tutoring is provided to gifted students who need enrichment outside of what their school can provide. The Learning Lab also offers students access to computers to support them in their tutoring and work. For children in junior high and high school, the Learning Lab’s college prep program provides students and their parents with guidance and assistance in applying to college and for financial aid.

Educational Support Services

Sycamores can also work with a school district to provide Educational Support Services for students who may be at risk of being placed in a more restrictive school setting, such as a residential placement, or who are returning home from a residential placement. Although these services occur outside of a classroom setting, Sycamores works in strong collaboration with the school district, staff, student, and family to provide support, resources, and mental health services during this critical time.


students received our School-Based Services during the ’22 school year.

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