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Shop to Help

Shop to Help

Sycamores is grateful to be able to partner with companies who generate donations while you go grocery shopping, shop for gifts and more! Below are organizations that will donate a portion of the proceeds raised from your shopping to Sycamores.

Vroman’s Gives Back

Designate Sycamores as your Vroman’s Gives Back organization and Vroman’s Bookstore will donate a percentage of your total purchase to our organization. If you are not already signed up, fill out the Vroman’s Gives Back form at any register. Vroman’s is an especially great place to do holiday shopping, but the Vroman’s Give Back program is a way to support Sycamores’ year-round. Click here to visit the Vroman’s website.

Ralph’s Reward

Register Sycamores NPO #90182 as the Community Contribution for your Ralphs Reward Card. For step-by-step website instructions, go to www.Ralphs.com, click on Community, click on Community Rewards, click on “For participant questions, click here.” You will support Sycamores every time you shop at Ralphs and swipe your Rewards Card. Your designation expires every year on September 1st, so to continue supporting Sycamores, please register your Rewards Card every September.