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Homeless and Housing Support

Homeless and Housing Services For Young Adults

Bringing Hope to Unhoused and At-Risk Transition Age Youth

The answer to helping young adults experiencing homelessness is a combination of immediate housing and ongoing supportive services. Since 2000, Sycamores’ groundbreaking programs for Transition Age Youth (TAY) have integrated mental health services with its housing program. By providing a safe and stable environment, along with access to education, health care, therapy and other services, we can help at-risk young adults build a brighter future for themselves.

A better life starts with access to safe, reliable housing for transition age youth.

Before she came to Sycamores Jamie was depressed and felt hopeless. Sycamores helped Jamie with housing, counseling, food, and other vital services.

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Mitigating the Risk of Homelessness for Foster Youth

Each day there are more youth emancipated from foster care without a permanent place to live, putting them at risk of becoming homeless. In recent years, more than 80,000 children have experienced foster care in California annually. (1) This issue remains prevalent – and in fact, is increasing.

¹ https://www.speakupnow.org/foster-care-statistics-resources

Youth homeless populations are growing throughout the nation.
They surpassed the veteran population years ago. If we don’t do something now, to really support these youth, unfortunately, they end up becoming our adult homeless population, adding to the complex problem that already exists. It’s vital that we provide not just housing, but also the other supportive services they need to thrive.



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²Child and Adolescent Needs and Strengths (CANS)

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Immediate Housing and Ongoing Support Make a Difference

The Transitional Housing Program

Designed to assist TAY (ages 18-25) transitioning from foster care to independent living, Sycamores’ program has been helping young adults since 2000.

Our Transitional Housing Program is set up as a scattered-site model, meaning young adults live in a regular apartment building (versus a building comprised only of transition age youth) located in L.A. County. The program offers basic housing and essential resources, so participants have safety, shelter, clothing, food, and other key supports that allow them to focus on their personal and professional growth. Transition age youth (TAY) are eligible for a fully furnished, two-bedroom apartment where each young adult has their own bedroom. Our scattered-site model gives the young adults experience in living among a diverse population where they learn how to interact with neighbors, landlords and the community. There is no rent requirement or prerequisite that must be met to receive our services.

In addition to housing for former foster youth, Sycamores also provides housing (and connections to other programs) to other Transition Age Youth at-risk of experiencing homelessness.

Hotel Voucher Program

With funding from Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority (LAHSA) and from the City of Pasadena, Sycamores provides young adults with temporary and safe shelter in a hotel setting. We then connect them with more permanent housing and services, preventing re-entry onto the streets.

A Housing Program Making a Positive Impact

Between 2021 and 2022, Sycamores housed 166 Transition Age Youth (TAY).

Sycamores' TAY housing program has been consistent in serving young adults ages 18 or older since 2000.

59% of TAY moved to a permanent living placement.

98% of TAY said Sycamores' staff respected their culture and identity.

96% of TAY were satisfied with the services they received.

93% of TAY would recommend Sycamores to friends/family.

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