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Located in Altadena, Sycamores residential campus, known as “El Nido,” offers an idyllic and welcoming environment for boys who come seeking intervention and care. Referred to as our Short-Term Residential Therapeutic Program (STRTP), it is designed to provide care and supervision to dependent and/or neglected males, ages 11-18, many of whom are a part of the foster care or probation systems.

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The goals of the program are to stabilize mental health symptoms and to engage the youth and their family by providing the tools necessary to return home and live successfully as a family and within their community.

Youth receive services that address the trauma they have experienced and are customized to improve their level of functioning in the areas of education, emancipation preparation, health, behavior, and social and emotional well-being.

The youth and their family receive intensive therapeutic services to include individual, family and group therapy, chemical dependency services, family search and engagement services, vocational services, and robust adjunctive and supportive services.

All services are designed with each individual youth and family in mind and are provided both on-site and in family homes. Services continue after discharge, at home and in youth’s community of origin, so that long-term family stability and success can be realized.


Peer Advocates :

Employees who have previously been in the foster system. They support and provide guidance to our youth and sponsor our campus Youth Council.

Parent Partners :

Employees who work closely with families to support and nurture family relationships needed for successful reunification and permanency. As they themselves have been though similar experiences, they provide poignant insight and unique support.

Family Cottages :

There are two family cottages on site where family can stay overnight for multiple days at a time while they focus on intensive family treatment and family bonding.

Gardening Program :

Our on-site garden gives youth the opportunity to learn gardening and harvesting skills from a master gardener, and provides a warm, therapeutic space in which to attend therapy, meditate, or engage with friends and family members. The peace and tranquility of the fountain and designated mediation space greatly assist in the treatment and recovery process.

Arts Program :

Our silk-screening program creates opportunities for youth to learn skills from an on-site silk screen instructor. This program provides valuable skills training and creates a space for youth to be empowered through creative expression, while engaging with peers and adults in a productive setting.

Our staff have been trained in LGBTQI2-S and cultural humility and are committed to the safety and provision of competent care to our diverse youths and families. The STRTP program serves probation and child welfare departments in Los Angeles County and additional counties across California.