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Los Altos Auxiliary Welcomes New Leaders

Last month Sycamores’ support group, Los Altos Auxiliary, joined together for their Annual Installation Luncheon in the beautiful garden of Linda Cotter’s La Cañada home.

Laurie Rodli, Hilary Gregg, with Sycamores’ President & CEO Debbie Manners (center).

Business of the day included a report on money raised and a discussion about projects to be funded for the foster youth at our El Nido residential campus, followed by the installation of the new officers for the coming year. Sycamores President and CEO Debbie Manners was present and shared recent updates with the group and thanked them for their support.

For the past 30 years, Los Altos’ efforts have improved the quality of life at El Nido with large-scale capital improvements, including the first on-campus library, computer lab, a silk-screening business, cottage bathroom remodels, landscaping, and an outdoor entertainment center, as well as social and outdoor adventures off campus, on-campus holiday parties, birthday celebrations, graduation ceremonies, and movie nights.

According to Ms. Manners, “The dedication and generosity of the members of Los Altos is inspiring – and it does help to create a better life for the youth on campus. We are so appreciative of their kindness and support. Their efforts truly do make a difference!”

The slate of officers for 2022-2023 includes Laurie Rodli, President; Gayle Penrod, Treasurer; Diane Moldafsky, Assistant Treasurer; Kelly Springer, Secretary and Parliamentarian; Kelly Williams, Darlene Larin, and Diane Moldafsky, Membership; Andi Sica, Sycamores Liaison; Susie Zadravecz, Carol DeFond, and Lorraine Paulson, Direct Services; Cindy Bengston Budzyn, Public Relations, Historian, and Social Media; Carol DeFond and Hilary Gregg, Adopt a Youth Fundraiser; Cayce Sheppard, Hospitality; Julie McCarty, Social/Programs; Linda Cotter and Debbie McCoy, Cupcakes; Allison Weir, Information Manager; and Jennifer Herzer, Webmaster.

New Los Altos President Laurie Rodli shared her continued commitment to the group, “I joined Los Altos Auxiliary in 2003 and have so enjoyed being a member. I have made wonderful friends and am proud of the work our members accomplish. Our new board will continue Los Altos Auxiliary’s tradition of both raising funds and providing direct services to benefit Sycamores and the youth at their El Nido residential campus.”

Women interested in learning more about Los Altos can visit the group’s Facebook page at https://www.facebook.com/LosAltosAuxiliary or contact Los Altos through the group’s website at  https://www.losaltosauxiliary.org/contact.


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