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Sycamores – Introducing a New Name, Brand and Logo

July marked the launch of Sycamores – the announcement of our new name, brand and logo. The agency has been operating as Hathaway-Sycamores Child and Family Services since the merger of Hathaway Children & Family Services and The Sycamores in 2005.


We embarked on this rebranding strategy to both simplify and strengthen our name moving forward, while continuing to honor our deep historical roots in the community. As we approach our organization’s 120th anniversary in 2022, we look forward to sharing more of Sycamores’ rich history, impact and plans for the future.

Along with the name change, our new logo is represented by the sycamore tree and our new tagline is “a better life.” These changes reflect Sycamores’ steadfast commitment to the provision of innovative and effective mental health programs and services to help the children, young adults, adults and families we serve develop the tools and determination to create a better life. In this transition, we also remain closely tied to the Hathaway heritage and have named our esteemed research and training program the Hathaway Center for Excellence. It is through the training of our staff and other professionals on a local and national level, as well as our research initiatives, that we help to move this important work forward.

Thank you for joining all of us at Sycamores in celebrating this new chapter. More importantly, thank you for your continued partnership as we work together to help children, young adults, adults and families create a better life!