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Youth Film Anti-bullying PSA

With the support of a generous grant from Kaiser Permanente, foster youth at our residential campus recently created an anti-bullying public service announcement. The PSA was the culmination of a yearlong anti-violence campaign funded by the grant.

Monthly workshops on violence prevention and bullying were held throughout the year, and youth were matched with mentors as part of the campaign.

Through the work, the youth became more aware of the consequences of violence and bullying. They learned how hostile behaviors can be changed, or prevented in the first place, to create a more peaceful and supportive atmosphere on campus and in both their home and school environments.

Family members of some of the youth also had the opportunity to participate in parenting group sessions focused on violence prevention.

The PSA was screened last month at a special event for the youth and their families. We are pleased and excited to be able to share the finished PSA with you.

The short film, titled A Moment in Time, depicts how simple choices we make can lead to positive healthy connections or negative interactions with others. Sycamores youth hope to visit schools and youth groups to share what they have learned through this program.

Filming the PSA was a wonderful experience for campus youth and allowed them to creatively express their ideas about bullying and violence. It also gave them the opportunity to work with film professionals and provided them with insight into professional filmmaking.

We are grateful for the support from Kaiser Permanente that made this program possible!


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